LONDON, 4 NOVEMBER 2020 – GlobalReach Technology, the leader in seamless Passpoint authentication and a specialist in secure identity and access management, has today launched a new hosted and managed service to allow any enterprise providing a Wi-Fi service to easily generate Passpoint user credentials. It will allow brands and organisations to give their customers and staff a better, seamless Wi-Fi user experience, and let them take advantage of the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) OpenRoaming federation.

Until now, Passpoint profiles have been mostly used by mobile operators for offload using operator settings and EAP-SIM. The new GlobalReach Passpoint Profiling Service (PPS) allows enterprises to have the same ability to create profiles.

GlobalReach PPS has been launched in response to demand from enterprises looking to provide seamless and secure device onboarding for their Wi-Fi service users. This comes in the face of recent MAC randomisation announcements that have affected Wi-Fi connectivity for Android, all Apple OS variants, and Windows 10 device users.

A white-label service, GlobalReach PPS can be integrated with a web portal, the brand’s loyalty app, or other third-party apps. It is built to cope with a high volume of Passpoint API requests and to generate profiles in the correct device format. 

Available to every type of enterprise including retailers, transport providers and cities, GlobalReach PPS enables more users to enjoy an automatic connection to Wi-Fi services by accelerating seamless and secure device onboarding using Passpoint.

GlobalReach PPS is part of a complete managed service that works with the GlobalReach Wi-Fi management platform to help service providers to navigate the pathway to Passpoint. The full Pathway service also includes an SDK (software development kit) and the GlobalReach Passpoint OSU (online signup server). This provides user registration, onboarding, and user experience portal functionality, which works with a Passpoint profile server to deliver Passpoint Release 1 profiles.

Service providers can choose to use their own RADIUS and certificates, or choose to take advantage of managed vRADIUS and domain registration services provided by GlobalReach as part of its identity provider (IDP) service for The Wireless Broadband Alliance OpenRoaming.

“GlobalReach is a strong supporter of Passpoint and WBA OpenRoaming. Its new PPS service enables enterprises to embrace OpenRoaming and augment their 5G strategy with state-of-the-art Wi-Fi. GlobalReach as an OpenRoaming ecosystem broker can now easily enable identities to all type of players, including operators, municipalities, and enterprises, and enable multiple business cases for Wi-Fi offload, Wi-Fi roaming and secure auto-connect Wi-Fi for all”, says Tiago Rodrigues, CEO of The Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA).

Mark Carter, chief product officer, GlobalReach Technology said: “We have been at the forefront of implementing Passpoint Wi-Fi services for a number of years. In fact, we average more than half a billion Passpoint transactions on our platform every month. Our PPS product is another good example of GlobalReach delivering very high volume Passpoint authentication services. PPS provides an important service element for enterprises and venue owners looking to provide seamless and secure Wi-Fi.”

GlobalReach has a track record of successfully deploying secure and seamless Passpoint public Wi-Fi connectivity in San Francisco and San Jose, London, Liverpool, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and at the WBA’s own Wi-Fi Global Congress. International operators and city Wi-Fi networks including those in New York City, Newark, Philadelphia, central London, and Selangor State, Malaysia.


About GlobalReach Technology

We’re the leaders in seamless Passpoint authentication and specialists in secure identity and access management. 

Using our experience we deliver high-performance Wi-Fi software, services and analytics to help global operators, venues and organisations to connect millions of people, customers and devices safely and automatically to Wi-Fi. 

Our technology has proven scale, serving billions of authentications a year and supports services for multiple national operators who in turn deploy large-scale Wi-Fi services. Operators and service providers that use GlobalReach include AT&T, CenturyLink, Inmarsat, LinkNYC, Ontix, Proximus, Virgin Media, Vodafone, XLN and others. 

The company is also a Board member of the Wireless Broadband Alliance, and has co-written industry whitepapers and contributed to the development of Wi-Fi captive portal best practice, and industry standards for Passpoint Wi-Fi.

GlobalReach is certified by the BSI (British Standards Institute) to operate an Information Security Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

Contact: Kate Cleevely, / 07754 920043