Wi-Fi Management

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Create, manage and collect insights across multiple Wi-Fi
services from a single, cloud-based dashboard

  • Authentication


    A choice of safe and secure authentication methods to connect people and devices to your network.
  • Captive Portal

    Captive Portal

    Create and deliver a personalised experience with branded captive portals for individual customers, venues or events.
  • DNS Content Filter Service

    DNS Content Filter Service

    Protect users from unsafe or undesirable content, websites, and threats.
  • Network Management and Monitoring

    Network Management and Monitoring

    Monitor and manage the peak performance of
    every Wi-Fi service through a single, easy to use
  • Platform Administration

    Platform Administration

    Streamline the way that you create, view or remove policies and users with easy administration from a central dashboard.
  • Policy Management

    Policy Management

    Set up and configure service plans, user permissions, and policies for all your Wi-Fi services.
  • Subscriber Management

    Subscriber Management

    Optimise the subscriber Wi-Fi experience across network groups and captive portals from a central dashboard.
  • Passpoint Online Signup Server

    Passpoint Online Signup Server

    No usernames or passwords, our OSU is the benchmark for automatic and secure authentication.


    We are the leaders in low-latency authentication, authorisation, and accounting (AAA), offering RADIUS clusters around the world.
  • Analytics


    Improve the user experience. Capture user data to analyse and understand customers and guests.