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  • Authentication


    Choose how you want to connect your customers to your network. Our platform supports a huge choice of secure authentication methods centrally and securely from our cloud-based facilities using Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Captive Portal

    Captive Portal

    Deliver a personalised user experience from the start of the Wi-Fi journey with branded captive portals for each brand, group, venue or event.
  • DNS Content Filter Service

    DNS Content Filter Service

    Protect users by filtering content categories and settings, preventing devices on your network from connecting to known unsafe or undesirable websites.
  • Network Management and Monitoring

    Network Management and Monitoring

    Maintain a great service with everything you need to monitor and manage the performance of your Wi-Fi network in a single, easy to use dashboard.
  • Platform Administration

    Platform Administration

    Easily administer all Wi-Fi user accounts from a central dashboard. We've streamlined the way you create, view, remove and administer policies and users.
  • Policy Management

    Policy Management

    Focus on your user experience priorities and not the Wi-Fi. Configuring new service plans, managing permissions - and changing them - is now simple
  • Subscriber Management

    Subscriber Management

    Create groups and manage subscribers across multiple network groups and captive portals from a central dashboard with analytics to optimise the Wi-Fi experience in real-time.
  • Passpoint OSU

    Passpoint OSU

    No usernames or passwords. Our feature-rich Passpoint online signup server (OSU) is the benchmark for automatic and secure login.
  • Analytics


    Real-time and historic subscriber and network reporting, to optimise your service and to improve the customer experience.
  • AAA Radius

    AAA Radius

    We are the world leaders in low-latency AAA, offering eight RADIUS clusters around the world. Supports authentication, authorisation and accounting for large-scale Wi-Fi services.
  • Managed and Verified ID

    Managed and Verified ID

    Obtain security with the use of simplified identity and access management, to give the right people access.
  • Roaming and Offload

    Roaming and Offload

    Deliver an enhanced wireless internet experience, expand your coverage estate, reduce Capex spend and churn.
  • WBA OpenRoaming™

    WBA OpenRoaming™

    One of the first Wi-Fi SaaS providers prepared to serve as an identity provider (IDP) for WBA OpenRoaming™, enabling brands and operators to give their users automatic access to multiple global Wi-Fi networks in a secure and seamless manner.
  • Passpoint Wi-Fi

    Passpoint Wi-Fi

    If you're talking Passpoint Wi-Fi, you must talk to us. Used by international operators, cities, enterprises - and the Wireless Broadband Alliance, our reputation, expertise and innovation are unmatched.