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About us

Founded in the UK in 2009, Global Reach Technology is an award-winning captive portal, cloud-RADIUS / AAA wireless platform.

Built on proprietary technology Global Reach is used by leading wireless service providers and their customers to create, monetize and manage multiple, complex wireless services for any type of deployment – consumer to large enterprise – in any industry.

Working with Cisco, Aruba, Google, BT and Virgin Media, our platform supports billions of authentications and concurrent users, using hundreds of devices and networks. Only Global Reach supports the largest number of wireless operating systems and devices, and provides secure connection and roaming using the industry’s top standards.

We were first to deliver an advanced robust public Wi-Fi for the London Underground; first to deliver large-scale municipal Passpoint™ Hotspot 2.0 deployment connecting San Francisco and San Jose Public Wi-Fi, and the first and only online signup server for all major operating systems & Passpoint™ Hotspot 2.0 devices.

We have been awarded by technology publications and wireless industry organizations for our work, and have grown into an international cloud software business with offices in four countries, including a professional services division supporting Global Reach deployments.

Our vision

To connect anyone and any device to any network, anywhere.

  • World’s largest and first live city-to-city Hotspot 2.0 service in San Francisco & San Jose

  • Only Passpoint™ Hotspot 2.0 online signup server supporting all major operating systems & devices.

  • First to deliver public Wi-Fi for the London Underground

  • World's first Hotspot 2.0 mobile app with integrated online sign-up solution (OSU)

Recognizing our work

Winner “Best Wireless Innovation & Excellence in Social Impact.”
WBA Wi-Fi Industry Awards 2018

Shortlisted “Most Innovative Hotspot”
WBA Wi-Fi Industry Awards 2014

Shortlisted “Best New Venture”
WBA Wi-Fi Industry Awards 2014

Winner “Wireless Network Infrastructure Innovation”
Global Telecoms Business Innovation Awards 2013 (with Ruckus)

Winner “Best Broadband Innovation” & “Best Wi-Fi Service”
uSwitch Awards 2013 (with Virgin Media, London Underground Wi-Fi)

Shortlisted “Most Innovative Hotspot Venue”
WBA Wi-Fi Industry Awards 2012 (with Virgin Media)

Wireless Broadband Alliance
Global Reach Technology is proud to be a ‘Partner Member’ of the Wireless Broadband Alliance