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We enable our customers to identify, authenticate and connect anyone or anything to any network, anywhere, securely and seamlessly.


Unmatched expertise in secure, carrier-grade Wi-Fi solutions and services


We’re the leader in seamless Passpoint (Hotspot 2.0) authentication and a specialist in secure identity and access management.

We deliver high-performance Wi-Fi software, services, and analytics to help global operators, venues, and organisations to connect millions of people, customers and devices safely and automatically to Wi-Fi.

Our team includes the brightest and best in carrier-grade Wi-Fi connectivity. We are the architects, authors, and developers of today’s industry standards.


Our solutions and services are the result of many years of development and industry expertise, our proprietary software platform, and the unmatched experience of designing and deploying high-performance Wi-Fi services.

Our Wi-Fi management platform is prized by carriers around the world for its stability, scalability, and ability to support a broad spectrum of authentication methods centrally and securely from our cloud-based facilities, with Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Our technology has proven scale, serving billions of authentications a year and supports services for multiple national operators who in turn deploy large-scale Wi-Fi services including Wi-Fi on the River Thames, award-winning public Wi-Fi for the London Underground, for train companies including Avanti West Coast and C2C, for shopping centres, retail banks, major food and beverage chains, airports, buses, taxis and more.

We’ve also deployed services in municipal environments to support the public and small businesses in Leeds, Bradford, Hull, Birmingham, Cambridge, and Northampton city centres.


GlobalReach is at the forefront of the Passpoint standard. We have been working with the Wireless Broadband Alliance for a number of years to define and deploy a number of industry firsts including secure and seamless public Wi-Fi connectivity in San Francisco and San Jose, London, Liverpool, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and at the WBA’s own Wi-Fi Global Congress.

International operators and city networks including LinkNYC in New York City, Newark, and Philadelphia, central London and Selangor State, Malaysia trust GlobalReach to enable automatic secure Passpoint onboarding, Wi-Fi roaming and cellular offload.

We are a Board member of the Wireless Broadband Alliance, and our senior team has co-written industry whitepapers and contributed to the development of Wi-Fi captive portal best practice, and industry standards for Passpoint Wi-Fi and OpenRoaming.

We are also a Board member of the Seamless Air Alliance, and a key contributor to the development of automatic, secure authentication standards for in-flight Wi-Fi.

GlobalReach is certified by the BSI (British Standards Institute) to operate an Information Security Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

Our offices are in London, Los Angeles, and Singapore, and we support customers in North America, Europe and Asia.



Industry body membership

Board member

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Certified by the BSI to operate an Information Security Management System compliant with ISO/IEC 27001:2013


Our team includes the brightest and best in seamless and secure wireless connectivity. We are
architects, authors and developers of today's industry standards.

GlobalReach-Chris Spencer
A specialist in secure internet connectivity. Chris helped design and build solutions for international cities and enterprises. A thought leader in secure, seamless sign-on and Passpoint, he is involved in the specification and delivery of Next Generation Hotspot, leads and co-leads working groups for the WBA, Hospitality Technology Next Generation (HTNG) and the Seamless Air Alliance (SAA). linkedin

Dr. Chris Spencer

Group Chief Information Security Officer
GlobalReach-Simon Vaughan
Over 40 years in the telecommunications and information industry, including over 20 years with BT. With consultancy experience in flexible and mobile working. This includes over 20 years in mobile solutions, consultancy, marketing and sales, plus a specialism in blended Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G and 5G carrier services and devices. linkedin

Simon Vaughan

Chief Commercial Officer
Thomas Locke is currently Chief Technology Officer of GlobalReach Technology Inc and is a veteran of the Wi-Fi industry. Within his role as CTO, Thomas is leading technology and innovation across multiple teams that are based in the UK and Ireland. Thomas specialises in the design & delivery of software defined products and solutions that cater to the aviation, maritime, retail and hospitality industries which are serviced by a plethora of forms of telecommunications, such as fibre, satellite, cellular and point-to-point Wi-Fi.

Thomas is an active member of both the Wireless Broadband Alliance and the Seamless Air Alliance, where he is currently Chair of the Networking work group. linkedin

Thomas Locke

Chief Technology Officer
GlobalReach-Sara Lupori bw
Leads our software technology and operations programme and supports the wider operating quality and efficiencies of the business. Sara has over 15 years of experience in the sector, including senior positions at Telefonica and The Cloud (Sky). Along the way she helped to launch Wi-Fi on the first iPhone in the UK and was part of a small team that revolutionised the Wi-Fi landscape by launching the first free-to-end-user service in the UK linkedin

Sara Lupori

Programme Director
GlobalReach Johnathan Boyce
One of the founding members of the GlobalReach team, and with 20 years of experience in software engineering, Johnathan is an expert in Secure WiFi, RADIUS, EAP and wireless technologies such as 802.1x and Passpoint. Prior to GlobalReach, Johnathan was designing and delivering large scale telematics systems. He now heads up the architecture of the Wireless Management Platform and has been delivering solutions and products for GlobalReach since its inception. He was responsible for the architecture and development of our Wi-Fi solution for the London Underground, delivering millions of sessions per day. linkedin

Johnathan Boyce

Head of Software and Platform Architecture
GlobalReach-Andrew Dykes
With 13 years of experience Andrew leads our team of highly skilled engineers in designing and delivering solutions to GlobalReach's customers across the globe. Having operated in both data centre and cloud environments, he's been an advocate in adopting new technologies and improving security, scalabity and stability of our platform, to allow our customers to access the best possible solution for their needs. linkedin

Andrew Dykes

Head of Engineering
A senior IT service manager with in-depth experience of large-scale complex IT support, Kim is ITIL trained and has a track record of consistently delivering customer satisfaction and operating efficiency for the world'd largest companies. linkedin

Kimberley Burgess

Head of Service
Our marketing programme lead with over 20 years B2B technology marketing experience at blue-chip telcos, service providers and start-ups. Kate leads our brand, stakeholder comms and marketing campaigns. linkedin

Kate Cleevely

Director of Marketing


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