Public Wi-Fi Captive Portal and Authentication for LinkNYC

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High-Performance Public Wi-Fi for LinkNYC in New York City, Newark & Philadelphia


Launched in 2016, LinkNYC is a first-of-its-kind communications network that is replacing payphones across New York City with new structures called Links.

Delivered by the CityBridge joint venture with the City of New York, the Link kiosks provide free, superfast, public Wi-Fi, phone calls, device charging, and a tablet for internet browsing, access to city services, maps, and directions. The program and its services are funded by advertising.

GlobalReach provides public Wi-Fi and captive portal technology for the Links over New York’s five boroughs, as well as the Link programs in Newark, New Jersey, and Philadelphia.


The public Wi-Fi user experience

Whether it’s to catch up on emails, access maps, and city information, or to game, the public investment provides fast, free, unlimited Wi-Fi from any Link.

To get online, users simply enter their email address and ‘click-to-connect’. Once registered, the user doesn’t need to re-enter their details for another year.


Secure Passpoint

Alternatively, iOS device users can choose to use Passpoint Wi-Fi for an instant and secure connection, forever. Made possible by downloading a secure one-time profile to their mobile device, Passpoint users roam across the city and are automatically connected to the internet at any Link.

LinkNYC offers an encrypted network for Passpoint-enabled devices, making it the first encrypted public Wi-Fi network of this scale to add a critical layer of protection to personal data.


Roaming & offload

The same seamless and secure Passpoint Wi-Fi service is also used to add capacity and reach for US operator, AT&T. AT&T mobile customers can roam onto the LinkNYC Wi-Fi network similar to cellular roaming, providing additional capacity, supporting operators’ cellular networks at street level.

GlobalReach provides the LinkNYC network with a RADIUS / AAA, custom captive portal, and Passpoint Wi-Fi, including a Passpoint OSU (online signup service), network management and analysis.


Digital inclusion

Launched as a transformational project to help close the digital divide, the network provided a valuable service during the pandemic, providing internet access for those who need it most.


See how New Yorkers add the LinkNYC profile to their devices to get onto the network.

Key Highlights
  • Peak mobile data offload: 400 TBs / 100m sessions pcm
  • Average weekly Wi-Fi sessions 5-6 million
  • Average weekly data downloaded: 60 TB
  • Average weekly data upload:  6.5 TB