Wi-Fi Glossary

Our glossary is designed to translate the commonly used terms used in GlobalReach’s product and solutions documentation. We’re happy to help if a word or phrase is missing.

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The process of identifying users requesting Wi-Fi network access.

Authentication Method
The ways users can be identified when requesting Wi-Fi network access.

A user account. In GlobalReach terms this will either be a Trusted WiFi account or GlobalReach Wi-Fi management platform account.

Active Sessions
The time when a Wi-Fi user is actively browsing the internet using a Wi-Fi service.

The day-to-day account administrator.

Admin Group
Used by the account administrator to configure permissions and roles.

Advanced Template
Pre-set authentications and designs that control various aspects of the portal pages, such as variables and default values.

Advanced Template Values
Configurable values per captive portal.

Backend Server
A remote server managing data.

Captive Portal
The page that is presented to a user wanting to access a public Wi-Fi network. Users need to view and interact with this page before the service provider allows access to the Wi-Fi service.

Number of clicks on that content from the portal page.

Content Deliver Network (CDN)
This improves performance by reducing the time needed to send content and rich media to users. E.g a logo or an image on a captive portal.

Content Manager
A manager where you can upload your adverts, apply a target demographic and schedule them for a current or future time slot for your CMS portal.

Content Tag
The name was given to the Content Zone. For e.g 2558746464-Logo, 2558746464-SplashTopBanner. The first ten digits is the unique ID, which is the last 10 digits of your splash, interstitial or success page. Each CMS Design portal that is created will automatically create the content zones for the portal.

Content Zone
Refers to the default images on the portal pages and where the image sits.

Customer Account
A sub account. One or more account levels below a parent account.

Customer ID
Unique identifier for the customer. Or a shortened down version of the customer’s name.

The layout and framework for the portal pages.

Demo Account
A license type. In the case of GlobalReach's Trusted WiFi platform, this allows the service provider to create up to 20 captive portals containing static data on the homepage for use in sales demonstrations to prospects.

Email Settings
Settings that configure the email content of the account.

Event Notifications
A feature allowing Wi-Fi service providers to export user data via web HTTPS or Syslog using POST or GET method in real-time to the end point web server of their choice. At this end point they can perform analytics from the captured data. The Wi-Fi service provider may also want to send notifications from this end point to Wi-Fi service users based on the event type.

FTP Host
FTP is the standard method for transmitting data between an FTP client and an FTP server.

Live Account
Once a GlobalReach Wi-Fi platform account is live, full product access is chargeable according to usage.

A place where service providers can upload pictures and logos for a Wi-Fi captive portal or for a management interface.

Gallery Asset
An image file used for the captive portal or management interface.

Refers to the target groups e.g., Network group, User group, new or returning users and/or device types you want to target your campaign to. It also allows you to schedule the content, so that content will only appear on the portal during a certain time.

Includes the list of account features that enabled on an account.

MAC Authentication
RADIUS-based authentication using the MAC address of the device as the user-name. It is allowed on a vRADIUS server and subscriber devices are checked to evaluate whether an access-request is accepted or not.

Mail Settings
Settings that configure the ‘from’ email address of the account.

Manager View
A set of permissions that can be applied to a user group or to a Trusted WiFi account. These permissions define what a Trusted WiFi account user sees when logging into the management interface.

Network Menu Page
This displays a geographical map of all network devices (co-ordinates must be plotted first).

Network Device
A physical device that is used to connect to other physical devices on a Wi-Fi network e.g to an access point, gateway etc.

Network Group
A group of access points.

The password of an admin user.

Password Policy
A ruleset that defines the format that all admins must use when setting their password for the platform.

Portal Clone
Exporting an existing template and reimporting it into the service provider's account.

Primary Admin
The person responsible for setting up other admins, resetting passwords and creating accounts.

Referral ID
The Google Analytics custom parameter.

Reseller Account
An account type which is one or more account levels above a child account. This account type that ‘owns’ a child account and can also create child accounts, granted by the customer's license feature.

Returning Subscribers
A description of a returning Wi-Fi service user.

Root Account
A root parent account is the top or ultimate account level.

A unit that counts every time someone connects to the Wi-Fi network to use the internet.

The scheduler tool used to set up targeted campaigns.

SFTP Export
SFTP export is used to secure file securely between a remote host server and a client user over a public network like the internet.

A slider to manage the distribution of your targeted campaign (percentage of times)

Describes a client device that is authorised for Wi-Fi network access.

Support Admin
A GlobalReach support team admin that has extra privileges over a primary admin and admin.

Target Link
The page URL the service providers wants the content linked to. This can only work post-authenticating.

Targeted Content
Refers to the target groups e.g., network group, User group, new or returning users and/or device types you want to target your campaign to. It also allows you to schedule the content, so that content will only appear on the portal during a certain time.

Template Variable
A variable that is used by the portal templating engine to render content. The contents can be updated via the management interface.

Trial Account
A license type. In the case of GlobalReach's Trusted WiFi platform this allows GlobalReach partners to trial the service for a 30 day period. This trial account allows a maximum of two access points to be connected, a maximum of two registered Wi-Fi users and up to five captive portals to be set up.

Two-Factor Authentication
An identity and access management security feature that needs two types of trusted identification to be used to access an account.

An admin user that has been allocated a username and password giving them access to the management platform.

The username of an admin user. Used when authenticating into the management platform

Virtual RADIUS Server
The endpoint used by other IT components to authenticate access.

Analytics Glossary

Most Popular Authentication Method Widget
Breakdown of the authentication types used to register over your chosen time period.

Most Popular Devices Widget
Breakdown of the device types registered over your chosen time period.

Network Activity Widget
Bar graph showing sessions and subscribers over your chosen time period.

New Subscribers Widget
Total number of newly registered client devices.

Returning Subscribers Widget
Total number of returning client devices.

Total Sessions Widget
Total number of sessions currently open.

Total Subscribers Widget
Total number of client devices that have been authorised for Wi-Fi access.