We’re proud to be an approved provider of Friendly WiFi

Friendly WiFi is a UK government-initiated safe certification standard for public Wi-Fi. It’s a scheme that helps children, young adults and parents make responsible and informed decisions when choosing a Wi-Fi hotspot. The Friendly WiFi symbol is easily recognised and tells a customer where the service meets minimum filtering standards – particularly where there are children.  


Why are we Friendly WiFi certified?

By age 11, 90% of UK children have their own device, and phone ownership is “almost universal” at secondary school. (Source Childwise, 2020)

GlobalReach recognises that children, young adults and the vulnerable are using Wi-Fi, often unsupervised, in public places, and its certification is proof that it can keep users safe online.

The certification and symbol verify that our web filter solutions block known pornography and child abuse websites for our Wi-Fi deployments.


Have a GlobalReach Wi-Fi service? Become Friendly WiFi approved

Application is easy. This link takes you to the Friendly WiFi form. Their team will be in touch to walk you through the process and get you certified, letting you show the Friendly WiFi symbol to your customers.