Quicker Public Wi-Fi Delivery
& Cost Reduction

Want to grow your Wi-Fi customer base, and reduce the cost of delivering services? 

Join our team on this live webinar for MSPs & ISPs.

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Wednesday 6 December, 10:00 AM GMT


Wednesday 6 December, 08:00 AM Pacific Time

We’ve been an expert provider of wireless ISP services since 2009. Our cloud-based Wi-Fi platform, Trusted WiFi, is purpose-built for service providers to deliver guest Wi-Fi services, for any venue, using any Wi-Fi hardware, in minutes. We’ll cover:

  • The market opportunity
  • Wi-Fi business growth
  • How to earn revenue
  • The commercial model

Proven & Robust Solution

  • Carrier-grade performance
  • Scales to millions of connections
  • Secure, private & compliant
  • Network infrastructure agnostic

Easy Deployment

  • Rapid onboarding
  • Self-service
  • Simple management
  • Fast customer provisioning

Personalised Experiences

  • Tailored for vertical industries
  • Brandable captive portal
  • Choice of authentication methods
  • Data capture and analytics