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GlobalReach Technology MAC Address Randomisation Update

MAC Address Randomisation in 2022: New Developments to Understand

Previously, Wi-Fi hotspots largely relied on the static hardware Media Access Control (MAC) address of individual devices as part of…


GlobalReach Endorses Seamless Air Alliance Announcement of World’s First In-flight Connectivity Standard

Fremont, California, USA, 18 February 2020: A new milestone in providing secure and hassle-free Internet in the skies has been reached…


5G and Wi-Fi 6: Can They Ever Work Together?

The last 20 years have seen the case for cellular and Wi-Fi convergence grow stronger says Chris Spencer, GlobalReach Technology….


Mind the Wi-Fi Passenger Experience Gap

Simon Vaughan, Chief Commercial Officer, GlobalReach Technology Have you ever used Wi-Fi on a commuter train service?  If you do…