Enterprise Wi-Fi

Connect people to the information that matters with easy management and secure login

  • Use your current platform
  • No extra accounts or passwords
  • Say who has access, where and on what device
  • Remove leavers with one touch. No need to involve IT
  • Add extra speed or volume for conferences and special events
  • Know who’s online, when in your organisation

One-time, secure staff login makes business happen anytime, anywhere on site

  • Employees stay online no matter which department, office or city
  • Supports any platform or device
  • Get Google Apps with connection

Create strong, more successful partnerships with visitor access

  • Quick, easy temporary access for an afternoon, or a month
  • Set which visitors, devices and places get access
  • Set speed and volume according to need
  • Self-registration. No need to involve IT
  • One touch. Simple removal
  • Expires when you want

Support slicker operations

  • Hot-desking staff always online, anywhere
  • Set service to support each department
  • Know who’s online, when and where they are
  • Link staffing, security and space management systems
  • Improve monitoring, planning and delivery of vital information
  • Trigger real-time, employee communications