Corporate & Guest Access Wi-Fi

Brilliant corporate wireless access and control, through an easy, secure wireless gateway. Link staff and visitors, to the apps and services that matter, on any device, in any building, city or country

  • One-time, secure login across any department, building, site, city
  • Secure for home and remote workers
  • Simple login with social media accounts or Google Apps
  • No extra accounts or passwords
  • Tailor the journey, look and feel
  • Add new starters and visitors, and remove leavers easily. No experts involved
  • Quick, easy access for an afternoon, a week, a month – whatever
  • Support bring-your-own-device and choose-your-own-device
  • Deliver business-critical content and real-time employee communications

Monitor, manage efficiency and mitigate threats to corporate wireless networks

  • Web-based network administration
  • Easy integration with current platforms, infrastructure and access points
  • Secure and content filtered
  • Know who’s online, when and what they’re doing
  • Get real-time and historical reporting of how your network’s performing
  • Adjust speed or volume to maintain a quality connection
  • Quarantine, release or shutdown devices or users
  • Comply with RADIUS and IEEE 802.1X standards
  • Make informed business decisions about service, security, planning and logistics
  • Support multiple languages
  • Auto language detection