22 April 2020
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Q1 2020: GlobalReach Technology Features & Enhancements

We’re sharing a summary of the latest features and updates that are now available.

Wi-Fi Captive Portal Opening Hours

We’ve added a captive portal scheduling tab to our Wi-Fi management platform features so that users can now define ‘opening hours’ for their venue Wi-Fi service.

Users can set a schedule as to when their guest Wi-Fi will operate normally and when it is closed (during which time visitors won’t be authenticated).

To implement, users can now add a tab to the portals tab. Access is controlled via a license feature.

Visitors that connect during the ‘opening hours’ will see a normal authentication journey. When the portal has been ‘closed’ by the venue owner, visitors will see a custom ‘Out of hours’ splash page which tells them that the Wi-Fi is unavailable.

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Windows 10 Hotspot 2.0 Provisioning

We’re known for our Hotspot 2.0 leadership, and we’re excited to announce that end-users running Windows 10, can now use our Hotspot 2.0 Online Provisioning (OSU) to install a profile to their devices.

Introduced in Windows 10, version 2004 in April 2020, users can now provision a profile for a Hotspot 2.0 network (or for a normal network) giving them seamless and secure access when in range of Wi-Fi access points.

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Setting a Duration Period for Reacceptance of Terms & Conditions 

GlobalReach platform users can now set a duration for subscribers to reaccept the captive portal terms and conditions. 

Odyssys re-accept terms

Once configured, subscribers will be required to re-accept once the duration has passed. Once accepted access can be granted.

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Two Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is now available. This comprises two redirect stages which will need to be passed to authenticate a user.

The first redirect, from our platform to the two-factor gateway, takes place after the user has successfully logged in and if the 2FA is enabled in the license.

The second redirect, from the two-factor gateway back to the GlobalReach platform, validates all required items and ensures authentication.

Odyssys Two Factor Authentication

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