Prezzo Improves Guest Wi-Fi Experience Using Celestra & The GlobalReach Wi-Fi Management Platform

As a result of rapid growth and aging technology, Prezzo decided to look for an enterprise-level Wi-Fi solution that would boost its overall customer experience, as well as give it the opportunity to use the data that was being collected.

Historically, Prezzo has used Bluetooth access for its chip and PIN devices but increasingly found that it was not sufficient to ensure coverage at every table. It was clear that, in order to meet this requirement, the corporate Wi-Fi needed to be improved to accommodate a change of solution to Wi-Fi-enabled devices.

Prezzo also understands the importance its customers place on being able to stay connected to engage with social media, check the football scores or to stream HD films. As a result, it is committed to providing customers with high-quality Wi-Fi access as part of their overall customer experience.

Ultimately, Prezzo wants to enhance its customer insight and needs to fully understand who is visiting its restaurants, where and when. This will, in turn, allow Prezzo to engage at an individual level by sending targeted promotions and communications to the right people with the right content at the right time. Prezzo also places great value on fully utilizing its social media presence which requires control over quality data collection as well.

Wi-Fi by Celestra utilizes leading hardware provided by Cisco Meraki. This proven cloud-based Wi-Fi technology has been developed to meet the changing needs of clients who want to have greater visibility and control over their networks together with the strength and reliability of global hardware manufacturer Cisco.

As part of this solution, Celestra has partnered with GlobalReach, whose dedicated platform, provides guest Wi-Fi, allowing full visibility and monitoring capabilities for the entire solution. This combined approach brings together the best understanding of the latest technology and software, allowing Celestra to deliver a tailored solution to meet the specific needs of its clients.

Data Data Data

GlobalReach gives the client the power to target customers with contextual and relevant content creating a richer customer experience that drives an increase in footfall, dwell time and spending. The platform is purpose-built and features a rich AAA/RADIUS solution that supports all major authentication methods and is delivered with a full suite of reporting tools and data export capabilities. including RESTful API & push.

The Implementation & Results

The project took place within a very short time frame of three months. This meant that scheduling and planning were vital and continuity of service was paramount. Pilots were conducted at two locations: Milton Keynes and Trafalgar Square. For six weeks, the hardware and installation of the solution was tested rigorously, along with the data capture platform.

As a result of the successful pilots, the Celestra project team was able to put in place the Wi-Fi survey process across the rest of the Prezzo sites. The surveys were conducted at each site (across 256 restaurant locations in the UK) which included some listed buildings.

The Celestra project team reviewed each survey, identifying specific site requirements which were critical for a successful implementation. The surveys not only determined the best locations for access points but also highlighted the cabling and infrastructure requirements for each of the individual sites which Celestra was able to easily arrange as part of the deployment. As part of the deployment, the Celestra field team was required on-site at times suitable to each location so as not to disrupt trading business for Prezzo. This involved working closely with restaurant staff and was pivotal in the installation of the solution. In addition, Celestra provided technical configuration and logistics of the Meraki Wi-Fi access points based on the agreed Prezzo network design which had been constructed by Celestra during the pilot phase.


Key Highlights

  • Guest & corporate solution at 256 restaurants.
  • Wi-Fi AAA RADIUS platform provides user authentication and network management.
  • Ability to target and manage customer communications with push notifications.



“As a result of the excellent execution of this project, we are now involved in other infrastructure projects and cabling maintenance for Prezzo. This project has really highlighted the benefits of working with excellent partners such as Meraki and GlobalReach.”

Duncan Marjoribanks, Project Manager, Celestra