Goodwood Estate Uses GlobalReach Public Wi-Fi for Large-Scale Events

Goodwood Estate Wi-Fi

The Goodwood Estate is in the heart of West Sussex and is home to the world famous Festival of Speed, Goodwood Revival and ?Glorious? Qatar Goodwood Festival. The Goodwood House and Estate have belonged to the Dukes of Richmond and family for over 300 years and they are closely involved in its day-to-day running.

Contained within the estate is the Motor Circuit, Racecourse, Festival of Speed hillclimb course, a hotel, The Kennels, an organic farm, a health club, an aerodrome and two superb golf courses. The House is open to visitors and plays host to weddings and select corporate occasions. The three international events alone bring over 450,000 people to the Estate each year.

Until partnering with GlobalReach, the estate and venues therein had a legacy Wi-Fi system comprising around 150 access points. Although this provided a public Wi-Fi service, it was dumb when it came to collecting deeper information about user behavior.

By upgrading its Wi-Fi solution to include the GlobalReach platform, Goodwood was looking to capture information about visitor behavior and have better interaction with visitors and guests. For example, where data showed that corporate visitors attended a conference, they could be encouraged, through marketing, to attend other hospitality or leisure facilities like racing or golf, or a hotel stay. Armed with this improved customer intelligence, Goodwood aimed to apply it to aligning its customer service, to support more strategic marketing, encourage repeat visits, and toimprove its cross-sales.


The Solution

GlobalReach Technology was commissioned to install user authentication, analytics and reporting, collected and delivered through its advanced captive portal in 2014.

Over the course of the year, GlobalReach now supports hundreds of thousands of attendees using the service, and measures service engagement.

The technology allows the Goodwood IT team to build custom fields on the captive portals reflecting the branding, look and feel of specific events such as the Festival of Speed. The pages are easy to build in HTML using a drag and drop functionality, feature responsive design for any smartphone, tablet, laptop and platform and, reflecting Goodwood’s international audience, support multiple languages and feature auto language detection.

The technology is smart. It allows different captive portals to be designed and launched over different access points to meet different audience requirements from the same platform. From one management system, the Goodwood team can brand and apply access points segmented to different parts of the estate – even to larger events where extra temporary access points are added to the system – collecting attendee movement data as users authenticate.

User data is also collected via the portals, and blended with location-based data to deliver an understanding of event value to sponsors.

Reports are run on-demand by Goodwood marketing and IT teams to help build strategy and plan for future events.


Key Highlights

  • 450,000 people visit the estate each year.
  • Supports hundreds of thousands of sessions.
  • Captive portals collect data to support better visitor engagement.
  • Wi-Fi service managed through one simple, centralised GUI.