Network Management & Monitoring

Wi-Fi registration, provisioning, policy allocation and network reports across all your wireless services from a single interface.

Virtual RADIUS Create & configure RADIUS servers on demand to control multiple access point controllers to centralize network management. Individual vRADIUS, authentication/accounting ports and shared secrets for security.
Advanced configuration IP filtering to lock-down RADIUS and/or network devices allowed to authenticate devices to a specific IP ranges. MAC filtering to allow gateways that support MAC authentication to attempt captive portal bypass.
Network setup & grouping Enhance network management with custom network groups & hierarchies and assign descriptions to network devices including WRIX-L compliant naming, longitude/latitude, floor, MAC, estimated radio range and vendor/model.
Auto discovery Auto discover network devices as they authenticate to the RADIUS server.
Reporting Network health across the network including account, network group and individual network device level. Includes last authenticated session, activity, downloaded/uploaded data, total/peak sessions and subscribers.
(Launch H1-17)
Create configurable time based email alarm notifications on last authenticated session of network devices.
Bulk import Import network devices into the platform for immediate onboarding and naming.