LinkNYC Public Wi-Fi

LinkNYC is a first-of-its-kind communications network that is replacing over 7,500 payphones across five New York City boroughs, with new structures called Links. The first beta Links launched in early 2016 and further units are rolling out over the next eight years.

Each Link provides superfast, free public Wi-Fi, phone calls, device charging and a tablet for Internet browsing, access to city services, maps and directions.

A completely free service, LinkNYC is funded through advertising at no cost to New Yorkers. Once complete, it will be the largest and fastest, free public Wi-Fi network in the world, generating over $500M in revenue for New York City.

Currently in beta, New Yorkers have the opportunity to try out the features and provide feedback using the Links. Additional apps and services will be added over time.

LinkNYC is delivered by the City of New York and CityBridge, a NYC–based consortium of leading experts in technology, media, connectivity and user experience. Working with lead consortium member, Intersection, GlobalReach Technology is providing the captive portal, user authentication and analytics behind the service, through its cloud-based Wi-Fi service management solution.

Including RADIUS / AAA, custom captive portal and a Passpoint Hotspot 2.0 online signup server (OSU) as standard, the single, scalable platform is being used to connect LinkNYC users and to manage and analyze the service.

See how New Yorkers add the LinkNYC profile to their devices to get onto the network.

Key Highlights

LinkNYC is the latest public Wi-Fi deployment to use GlobalReach. The platform is already in use across the London Underground Wi-Fi network, and as the supporting technology connecting public Wi-Fi users in San Francisco and San Jose.

LinkNYC by numbers (As of January 4, 2017)

  • Total Wi-Fi subscribers: 1,040,000
  • New Wi-Fi sign-ups per week: 40,000
  • Wi-Fi sessions per week: 4,000,000
  • Data downloaded by LinkNYC users since launch: 555,710 Gigabytes
  • Busiest day by users: Jan 4, 2017: 125,756 unique users
  • Busiest day by data transferred: Dec 31, 2016: 4,656 GB

(Source LinkNYC, Jan 18, 2017)

Client Testimonial

Customer captive portal

The LinkNYC captive portal is the first thing users see when they connect with a hotspot. Custom designed as the gateway to register for the free service, it includes information about LinkNYC services and a link to FAQ.

AAA authentication

Users log onto the service through the captive portal. Behind the scenes, the process provides secure authentication and connection using the wireless industry’s top standards.

Visitors and residents automatically connect and seamlessly roam onto any LinkNYC hotspot using Passpoint Hotspot 2.0 technology. The GlobalReach online signup server (OSU) for HS2.0 devices provides users’ devices with a one-time profile. Similar to an app download, once installed on the phone or tablet, the Wi-Fi service connects whenever devices are within range.


Using the configurable web GUI, LinkNYC administrators can access rich performance analytics allowing them to make sure the super-fast LinkNYC network is giving a great service to New Yorkers and visitors, and make decisions about future developments.

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