Use GlobalReach Passpoint to Roam During the Tokyo Olympics

Visitors to Tokyo this summer can instantly get online, and roam between Wi-Fi hotspots in the city, using their GlobalReach Passpoint profile, as part of a federated WBA OpenRoaming trial during the Summer Olympics.

Made possible by the Cityroam Federation, 80+ Wi-Fi hotspots across the country, including dozens in Tokyo, have been opened up to the test.  With the Passpoint profile loaded onto their devices, laptops, smartphones, and tablets connect automatically and roam between networked hotspots when they’re in range. 

As leaders in Passpoint authentication, we’ve been able to connect to Cityroam using the GlobalReach Passpoint AAA configuration, our Passpoint OSU, and our demo application.  

Hundreds of connections have been seen in what is a solid demonstration to mobile network operators (MNOs) of the ease-of-use and customer experience improvement of connecting to Passpoint-enabled Wi-Fi networks.

For more information about our Passpoint services, read more here.

Download the GlobalReach Passpoint profile here.