Q1 GlobalReach Wi-Fi Management Platform Feature Update

Learn about the new features and functionality that we’ve added to our GlobalReach Wi-Fi management platform this quarter.

Patent for the GlobalReach Portal Aggregation Service

In November, we rolled out a new version of the GlobalReach Portal Aggregation Service (PAS), and the feature has now been awarded a patent by the UK Patent Office.

The expense and effort of configuring and maintaining a customer Wi-Fi estate can stop some service providers from scaling their Wi-Fi networks. By using a single HTTP and AAA endpoint to set up masses of Wi-Fi access points in the same way, PAS makes it easier and more cost-effective to support high volumes of customer equipment, and in turn, to more quickly deploy new services.

Combined with the GlobalReach APIs, service providers can now streamline the rollout of new guest Wi-Fi services by creating the resources that their customers need to edit their captive portal, set up their own Wi-Fi experience, and use their access points out of the box.

It comprises three components: AAA Proxy, REST Service and a new component: HTTP Redirect Service.

Read more about PAS.

Gateway Support for Ruckus Cloud

GlobalReach now supports gateway integration with Ruckus Cloud.

A reminder that we also support a comprehensive list of Wi-Fi gateways and access points including Meraki; Ruckus ZoneDirector; Aruba; Cisco WLC Web Authentication; Coova; CoovaChilli; OpenMesh; GlobalReach Network Policy Controller; Xirrus; Ruckus SCG; Ruckus Cloud; Ubiquiti; CradlePoint; Lancom; Nomadix; Adtran and Mikrotik.

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