GlobalReach Technology Passpoint Wi-Fi Delivers New Guest Communications, Location-Based Engagement And Monetisation Capabilities To Hotels

HT-NEXT, New Orleans, April 8 2019: GlobalReach Technology has added new guest Wi-Fi features to its Passpoint solution, giving hospitality brands the benefit of communicating through, and monetising their Wi-Fi service, without the need for loyalty program guests to log on through a captive portal. The new capability comes ahead of the launch of the Passpoint Release 3 standard.

Today’s announcement sees GlobalReach add interstitial functionality to its Passpoint guest experience, which complements traditional captive portal pages. The new feature enhances the frictionless Wi-Fi sign-up process by allowing the brand to smoothly deliver location-aware, guest-segmented communications.

Recognising the value of the digital space to boost engagement, conversions and spending, users can now review terms and conditions, and see brand-controlled communications and promotions from this feature. For example, hospitality brands could welcome guests as they enter the lobby, reward them with a promotion, or prompt them to book their next stay, using this message.

The Wi-Fi Alliance launches Passpoint Release 3 on April 15. GlobalReach was a contributor to this specification, which is a significant step towards removing friction by enabling guests to login seamlessly. However, it is expected to be at least 18 months before adoption is mainstream. The GlobalReach development bridges this gap and adds new, Release 3-like capabilities today.

Chris Spencer, GlobalReach Technology said: “This innovation enables hospitality brands to allow their loyalty program customers to get online smoothly, which will make a major contribution to improving guest satisfaction.”

The GlobalReach Passpoint solution allows easy, secure, and frictionless Wi-Fi connectivity and monetisation. Users download a one-time profile to their devices for automatic login to hospitality Wi-Fi networks and seamless roaming across a brand’s properties. Hospitality brands have full control of policies that can trigger location- or event-specific guest communications and promotions via a single dashboard. Paired with rich presence and location analytics, the solution fosters better guest engagement and service monetisation.

The new capability is included in the GlobalReach Technology Passpoint OSU today. 

Today’s innovation follows news from Angie Hospitality, developer of the industry’s first 24-hour interactive guest room assistant purpose-built for the hotel environment, that it has added Passpoint technology that leverages GlobalReach Technology’s Passpoint guest Wi-Fi solution, to its award-winning virtual assistant solution.

About GlobalReach Technology

GlobalReach is recognised as a Passpoint Wi-Fi industry leader. The GlobalReach Passpoint OSU has delivered secure authentication for some of the largest international Passpoint services since 2014, including LinkNYC kiosks deployed across Manhattan, enabling up 20 million sessions authenticated in 2018.

GlobalReach Technology CTO, Dr. Chris Spencer, is co-chair of the HTNG working tasked with helping hospitality companies deliver an optimised Wi-Fi experience for guests. Dr. Spencer has written numerous articles about Passpointand is co-author to the Passpoint Next-Generation Hotspots (NGH) Provisioning Standardisation and Specification White Paper released October 2018 by the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) and endorsed by the Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA).

GlobalReach’s Passpoint service was used to authenticate delegate Wi-Fi access at HTNG Europe conference, Lisbon 2018, and at hotel properties for a leading global hospitality brand during Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, February 2019.

GlobalReach has been shortlisted for the TechOvation Awards to be held at HT-NEXT, featuring its Passpoint innovations.

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