GlobalReach is now an Approved Friendly WiFi Provider

GlobalReach Technology is now an approved provider of Friendly WiFi, assuring its partners and their customers that it can block illegal or harmful content and pornography. The independent certification was awarded after the company proved that it meets minimum content filtering standards, keeping children and their families safe online. The Friendly WiFi symbol is already displayed by a number of public Wi-Fi services provided by GlobalReach including major Network Rail stations.

A 2020 Childwise report found that by age 11, 90% of UK children had their own device, and that phone ownership was “almost universal” at secondary school. GlobalReach recognises that children, young adults and the vulnerable are using Wi-Fi, often unsupervised, in public places. The certification is proof that it can keep users safe online.

Friendly WiFi is the safe certification standard for public Wi-Fi. It was developed and launched by the UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS) in 2014. It’s supported by the UK government and administered by the trade organisation RDI. The certification and symbol verify that GlobalReach’s web filter solutions block known pornography and child abuse websites for Wi-Fi deployments and that it is now an official approved provider.

“We are delighted to welcome on board GlobalReach, a leading provider of Wi-Fi services, dedicated to providing the solutions to support keeping the internet safe,” said Beverley Smith, Director at RDI. “GlobalReach will help to increase the reach of the Friendly WiFi certification by working closely together to promote Friendly WiFi to its customers. Becoming an approved provider is great news for the RDI.  Working together we will provide a reputable and robust solution for keeping children and young people safe online.”

“We provide some of the largest public Wi-Fi services in train stations, cafes, restaurants, shopping centres and other outdoor spaces that are used by families. It’s important that we honour our responsibility as a supplier by proving that we have strong internet content filters in place,” says Simon Vaughan, GlobalReach CCO. 

GlobalReach clients looking to show the Friendly WiFi symbol at their venue can apply here.


About Friendly WiFi

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About GlobalReach 

GlobalReach is helping children to stay safe online through a new relationship with Friendly WiFi – representing a standard to identify public places such as shops, restaurants, cafes and cinemas, who are providing secure filtered WiFi. Initiated by the UK Government with support from the UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS) and managed by the RDI trade organisation, the scheme means that children, parents, and guardians can look for the Friendly WiFi logo to be sure that the public network has been tested and verified to make sure pornographic and child abuse websites are blocked.