Birmingham Airport Hails GlobalReach’s Innovative Approach to Next-Gen Wi-Fi

Birmingham Airport Wi-Fi

When Birmingham Airport needed to deliver a Wi-Fi service to its nine million flyers and its staff it needed a partner that could provide a robust and scalable solution to help keep its customers connected as they travel.

Working with GlobalReach Technology, Birmingham was able to install a cloud-based, carrier-grade Wi-Fi solution. The site is covered through 70+ access points, all controlled remotely through GlobalReach software. To help ensure its brand reputation, the airport delivers the service over a branded captive portal and uses content filtering to block inappropriate content.

For flyers the service is free initially, with the option to pay to increase bandwidth. The same system is used to provide staff with a secure network. Since launch, service use has grown rapidly and now handles 150,000 users per month.


Key Highlights

  • 150,000+ users per month
  • 1.5m sessions and over 600,000 unique devices
  • Average 2.9 sessions per user
  • Each user authenticated an average of three devices
  • Busiest day of the year: 7 August 2015 with almost 5,500 users alone
  • Busiest month of the year: August 2015 with 278,000 sessions from 116,000 users
  • Public and private enterprise Wi-Fi service.



“We are delighted with the service we receive from GlobalReach. We chose them because they took an open and innovative approach with us, opening out new possibilities for the service; they were able to roll out the service quickly and the reporting capabilities they provide us with are impressive. Our customers now receive a reliable and high quality Wi-Fi service and we are able to understand more about our customers. We are able to send them offers and rewards that they value and create a dialogue about the airport and future services.”

Richard Gill, Head of Market Development – Commercial, Birmingham Airport