Hospitality Wi–Fi

Improve guest satisfaction and keep them coming back

  • High speed and performance
  • One-time, quick login for any guest across any venue
  • Support for any device or platform
  • Adjust speed and volume at busy times or for conferences and special events
  • Quick, easy temporary access for an afternoon, or a week
  • Increase services utilisation and support revenue increase

One-time, secure staff login keeps venue management slick anytime, anywhere on site

  • Staff stay online no matter which room, venue or city
  • Supports any platform or device
  • Get Google Apps with connection
  • Know where staff are
  • Link booking, security and housekeeping systems
  • Trigger real-time, staff communications

Insight to power your marketing

  • Know who’s online, when and where they are
  • Link your CRM, loyalty schemes and marketing campaigns
  • Trigger real-time, food, drink and entertainment promotions
  • Increase brand awareness and loyalty