Real-time crowd alerts to support safer spaces

When staff, customer and public safety is the first concern, proactively monitor and manage overcrowding using the existing Wi-Fi network. Real-time alerts can now help venues, transport hubs, government buildings, offices and public spaces and other places to reopen and safely trade again.

Real-time alerts help maintain social distancing

Stop crowding from becoming a problem. Monitor the volume of people, flow and dwell times to be on the front foot when managing pinch points, queues and over-capacity.

Proactive monitoring protects your customers and staff

Make staff and customers confident that they’re safe. Crowd Insights helps organisations to operate within government social distancing guidelines, and to stay open.

Long-term understanding of volumes, dwell time and movement

Build a rich understanding of how a space is used. Information about footfall and movement can help to optimise the user experience and better manage venue operations.

Use existing Wi-Fi infrastructure

Deploy Crowd Insights using existing standard enterprise grade Wi-Fi hardware including Meraki (out of the box), Ruckus Spot, Cisco CMX, Aruba Location Engine ALE.