Carrier-Grade Architecture

Proprietary software built for AAA scale and maximum performance.

Scale Proprietary software built to provide carrier-grade AAA scale using proprietary IPR & big data database technology to deliver maximum performance & scale.
Globally-deployed Deployed across multiple geographical availability zones to ensure minimal latency and maximum resiliency.
Content delivery network High capacity global CDN network delivering content such as images, JavaScript, css and other captive portal content as close to the edge as possible to minimize latency.
Single web-based interface Configure and manage multiple B2B and community Wi-Fi services, in the enterprise, public and small medium business markets from a single central system.
AP controller & service gateway agnostic Integrate into multiple hardware vendors, service gateways and legacy systems to centralize business intelligence across existing & new hardware deployments and strategies.
Push/pull API Extract data or integrate backend software into custom GUIs.
Dedicated IPSEC tunnel* Encrypt radius traffic into the cloud platform.

*Additional product options