Captive Portal

Build custom and template captive portals to attract, engage and monetize your customer base.

Wizard Quickly create branded & responsive captive portals using a ‘drag & drop’ wizard incorporating all of the captive portal authentication methods supported, adverts, surveys, new vs returning user journeys & pre-integrated into the content manager.
HTML editor Access to HTML source code to create custom user experiences and captive portal pages to be create bespoke offerings including importing custom content and CSS. Pages include splash, success, registration loading and returning subscriber pages.
Captive portal templates Create a master captive portal templates that can propagate changes down to other captive portals or make changes to specific captive portals for ease of management.
T&Cs Customize subscriber terms & conditions, privacy and cookie policies to each captive portal.
Multi-language support & A auto-detection Create up to 128 languages that can be applied and selected in the captive portal. Configure auto-language detection in the captive portal through browser language detection.
3rd party captive portals Authenticate against a 3rd party captive portal or web server.